Will He Walk Away?

Posted on October 29, 2011


                Some guys in a relationship are much more likely to walk away from you.


Was it something you said?

Or, maybe something you did?

Or, maybe just something that you were thinking about that he picked up on?

Or, maybe it had nothing to do with you at all?

Well, actually it’s usually all of the above——Except— Sometimes it’s not at all about you–it’s all about him.  Some guys have personalities that make them predisposed to leave you or anyone they are involved with.  So, let’s use a little Relationship Radar to identify just who these guys are so you can avoid getting involved in the first place.

The 4 major categories of guys who are into leaving are the Paranoids, the Avoidants, the Narcissists and the Sociopaths.  They will all leave you for different reasons but they’ll be out the door, just the same.

1. Paranoid Personalities—-   these guys are by nature always suspicious of whoever they happen to be with. They tend to be hypervigilant, always on the alert for something you might be thinking about or doing that would hurt them. Falling in love is scary for them.  Watch out for someone who is frequently jealous, who pretty much thinks “you’re always up to something” and who consistently “makes mountains out of molehills” because he will leave you just so he can relax.

2. Avoidant Personalities—-these guys have very low self esteem and because of that they will never quite believe that someone can love them. In fact, the more you like him, the more he will think that you just don’t know him. So if the guy is easily embarrassed, overly shy and has few connections with family or friends you can expect that his connection with you will be very brief.

3. Narcissistic Personalities—these guys are a very different bunch. They are grandiose and full of themselves and so if you are in a relationship with a narcissist it will always be all about him and not you. Sooner or later he will not feel that you are doing enough for him and he will leave you for someone who has better looks, a better bankroll or better friends.  So if you’re with someone who can relate to you on your good days but never on your bad days—say goodbye before he does.

4. Sociopathic  Personalities—these guys are with you to get something from you and they will lie, steal and cheat to get what they want from you or anyone. Since they are missing a conscience they will not take any responsibility for their dishonest behaviors. They will stay with you as long as they can get what they want from you —without– having to change their ways. If you catch him being dishonest early in the relationship –make him leave early, not later.

                Sometimes we all need to walk away from a relationship for valid reasons. But, these types of guys obviously have bigger, internal problems that send them packing for reasons that have little to do with you. They need to leave because of their own problems dictated by their problematic personality disorders.

               Since life is beautiful,  but short, use your relationship radar to identify and discard these guys before they discard you.

Take a listen to David Ruffin singing about an avoidant guy who needs to  Walk Away From A Love

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